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Saeco Vienna Sup 018 Opening Procedure

Informations sur le tutoriel

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      Décrivez la pièce ou le composant spécifique de ce device sur lequel vous êtes en train de travailler. Par ex : batterie

      Créer un titre.

      Ce résumé en 1-2 phrases brèves apparaîtra dans les résultats de recherche.

      Communiquez des informations de base avant que le lecteur ne se plonge dans le tutoriel.

      Étapes du tutoriel

      Étape 1 — Remove the attachments

      Never forget: Pull the plug out!

      Étape 2 — Loosen bean container

      The bean container is fixed with two Phillipps screws. Unscrew those. The adjusters of the mill and the coffee can remain.

      Étape 3 — Loosen screws

      The lid is equipped with four screws, two at the bottom front, two at the back up. One is a Torx 10, the other cross-slot.

      Étape 4 — Lift the lid off

      Now the cover can be lifted off. Pull backwards, then diagonally forward. Remove the silicone hose from the water tank.

      Étape 5 — Pull out the mechanical unit

      On the work table, a cloth is laid, the machine is then placed on the back. The turntable may have to be pulled out on the ground eventually.

      Étape 6 — Repair

      A view of the unit from behind. Above left the mill, in front of that the flowmeter. On the far left is the Ulka pump, in the middle of the boilers for the fast steam, among the gearbox with the engine. Right below the heater. Right up the control electronics

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