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Run the Firmware Tool
  • While the tool was originally designed to pull the firmware directly from Apple's website, a change in the file location and name on Apple's part has made it necessary to download & mount the .dmg prior to running the tool.

  • Double click the firmware file you downloaded in step one to mount the disk image to your desktop.

  • Right click and select "Open" on the firmware update tool. Since it is not signed with the proper certificate, macOS will likely refuse to open it just by double clicking the file. Right click the file and open from the menu to fix this.

  • You should have two options in the window - upgrade to 2010 firmware and downgrade to 2009 firmware. Only one option will be available at any given time, dependent on which firmware you have installed.

  • There is really no reason to ever downgrade to 2009 firmware, as none of those machines are still under any warranty from Apple and the system discs are not as important now that all OS versions are given as software downloads.

  • You are not required to upgrade your CPUs if you update to the 2010 firmware- your original system configuration will continue to operate as it always has.

  • Be sure to read any and all information that the utility may pop up.

  • IF YOU HAVE DIFFICULTY: Try using this alternate tool.



右键单击并在固件更新工具上选择“打开”。 由于未使用正确的证书进行签名,因此macOS可能因为双击该文件而拒绝打开它。 右键单击该文件,然后从菜单中打开以解决此问题

你应该在能窗口看见两个选项 - 升级到2010的固件和降级至2009年的固件。 只有一个选项可在任何时间可用,这取决于你所安装的固件


如果更新到2010固件,则无需升级CPU ——原始系统配置将继续保持原样。


如果你遇到困难:尝试使用此 替代工具

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