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Étape 5
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Check to make sure it worked!
  • Once your machine has rebooted to the desktop, it's time for the moment of truth.

  • Open About this Mac and click on System Report

  • It is worth noting that About this Mac will still report this as a Mac Pro (2009), even after a successful flash.

  • In System Report you should see a line in the first window labeled Model Identifier - if the firmware flash was successful, you should see Mac Pro5,1



值得注意的是,即使在成功刷写后,关于这台MAC仍然会报告这是一台Mac Pro(2009)。

在系统报告中,你应该在名为型号识别的窗口看到一行字——如果刷写成功,你应该看到Mac Pro5,1。

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