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I'm Kristen Gismondi. I hail from the northeastern region of Ohio where I earned a BFA in Photography from Youngstown State University.

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Ohio: The land of the green and the home of the rain.

During college, I spent a summer in Germany to study language and architecture and also traveled to Poland and Austria. I learned how to say things like, "Ein Liter Bier, bitte!" and ate lots of schnitzel. My wanderlust returned in summer 2014 when I began a cross-country road trip to San Luis Obispo. It was a daunting four days of driving, but I made sure to put together an awesome California playlist (and when that got boring, I listened to an audiobook of The Disaster Artist. The Room fans, anyone?)

When I'm not photographing the latest gadgets at iFixit, I'm probably watching Shaun of the Dead or perusing /r/aww while missing my feline friend back in the midwest.

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This is Jetta, my cat/yoga instructor.

Music is a huge part of my life. At age nine, I began taking cello lessons, and every now and then, I'll pick up a guitar or ukulele and pretend I know how to play it. My weaknesses are concerts and vinyl records — I never leave a record store empty-handed. I have a constantly rotating list of my top five favorite bands, but Foo Fighters will always be #1.

breakfast food
Conan O'Brien
fuzzy socks
handmade crafts
herb gardening
horror films
making lists
red pandas
sour beer
trivia games
video/board/card games (and sometimes sports!)

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