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Hi! I’m a 16 year old fixer on the autism spectrum!

‘‘‘‘ iFixit interviewed me a while back, check it out! ‘‘‘‘

Once I graduate from high school in 2021 I want to go to college for some sort of degree in the computer science field, and get a job in IT.

I’m great with computers and electronics, and am usually able to fix them. In my spare time I like to help out people in the senior center with their computers, work on my 3D printer, and watch youtube. I’m not very social so I have quite a bit of time on my hands usually.

My first job was a summer job working in the commercial kitchen at Camp Awosting, after being a camper there for 10 years. (My Mom is the nurse there, so we go free) and the next summer, 2019, I worked as maintenance, doing various jobs like repairing golf carts, cleaning, installing bug screens, repairing buildings and whatnot.

I used to want to become an electrical engineer, or something like that, but about 5 years ago my interest changed more to computers. People with High Functioning autism usually have this one special interest that they will invest countless hours into. For me, that is Computers and the like. All my skills with computers are self taught.

I came across iFixit in 2015, when my Mom bought me a pro tech toolkit. (the old one, now discontinued) Out of curiosity, I looked up the logo, and found this site. It was amazing! A site where people only fix things, perfect for my interests! Back then, I wasn't as knowledgeable as I am now, and I posted some subpar answers. Why doesn't the Num Lock light turn on? Now my answers are much better, and useful.

If you post about a problem involving computers or 3D printers, chances are, you might see a comment or answer from me!

My laptop that I am currently using to make this is a Lenovo Yoga 720-13ikb 81C3 laptop running windows 10 pro 64 bit with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of Samsung made NVMe Storage. (I have this memorized)

My 3D printer is a heavily modified Monoprice Maker Select V2. I’ve upgraded it with an all-metal extruder, put in a 32 bit duet maestro board to replace the 8 bit Melzi, added a glass bed, upped from 12v to 24v, added a BLTouch, and a 6 inch color touchscreen.

Block Image

shown to the left is my 3D printer, and shown below that is me!

Block Image

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