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My name is Patrick Russell and I'm currently majoring in electrical engineering. I also plan on getting a minor in mathematics as well. I'm currently studying physics and electrical engineering courses. After I complete spring quarter I will have been here for exactly one year. I'm hoping to graduate in two years after this spring quarter. If I choose to get a different minor besides mathematics I could end up being at eastern for longer. Some skills that I have that might be valuable is my writing skills and engineering background when it comes to taking apart the device. I’m also very familiar with the process of troubleshooting from my time spent at Perry Technical Institute, where I was learning the trade of HVAC. The only experience that I have really with repairs is I help my friend fix cars occasionally when I go back home to Tri-cities. This will help benefit the project because it will help with the overall understanding of how to troubleshoot a device correctly and the process to fix it. It will also help me better understand how to covey instructions in a manner that makes sense to the readers.

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