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Hello there! My name is Danielle. I am a Visual Communication Design major. Alongside my major I am also minoring in Communication studies. This is my fourth year as an undergraduate at Eastern Washington University and my expected graduation is Fall 2017. Although it could be sooner or later. I have strong visual problem solving skills and have always enjoyed DIY projects or building models as a kid. I'm also fluent in deciphering and comprehending instructions as well as writing them (or so I think). I am very attentive to detail and a perfectionist which is a blessing and a curse. As I stated previously, as a kid I have always enjoyed crafts, DIY projects and building stuff with my Dad. Any chance I got I would always observe and help him when I could. Other times when my car needed repairs, I was right there beside him learning and observing. My skill set and experiences will be beneficial in this project because I am very thorough and pay attention to detail and have had some experience building and taking things apart. I am also very personable, open-minded and work well with others. I can hold a strong leadership position but I also know how to listen, collaborate and see all perspectives.

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