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French/German Translator

I have been working as a freelance translator for iFixit since 2015. Currently located in France I translate various content for iFixit into German and French.


I grew up in a very creative family, and fixing and repairing stuff has always been part of my everyday life. Ever since I started working for Fixit, I expanded my field of action to fixing electronic devices (somewhat to the despair of the male portion of my family), and after regularly maintaining several sewing machines, replacing batteries, screens and other faulty components in iPhones and MacBooks as well as repairing game consoles and controllers, I am confident I can tackle most things.

About me

I am very passionate about sustainability and Zero Waste, so working for iFixit is just perfect. When I'm not busy tinkering, fixing, building, baking or being otherwise creatively engaged, you'll generally find me hidden away in a corner with a book.

Ensuring Quality Repair Information on iFixit

Both the translation and the community team contribute to making iFixit the best source for repair. Learn more about the content review process that makes it possible.

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