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At the time of writing this I am attending my last year at Eastern Washington University, future class of 2017. I plan to graduate with a degree in visual communication design and a minor in communication studies. Up until attending college, I’ve lived in Port Angeles, WA since birth. After graduation I’d like to relocate to Spokane, WA and find a job in IT. In my free time I study a lot of things technology and networking-related and enjoy other activities such as drawing, reading, photography, cooking, snowboarding, gemstone and rock collecting, and video games. I have knowledge of HTML, CSS, and general web design. I currently work in an IT department and have lots of experience with machine deployment, repair, and customer service for several mac and PC machines. I’ve been working in IT for five years and went through a training program at a supplemental school North Olympic Peninsula Skills Center while in high school, Port Angeles High School. Technology is a huge passion of mine and I hope to continue educating clients and sharing my knowledge with others. I plan to further my IT skills and utilize them in a job after graduation. In addition, I would like to do freelance web design and art, which will allow more flexibility with my time and hours to further self-teach myself.

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