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Dmitri Kara

home improvement, handymen repairs, electrician tricks & more

Hello there people, love to be hire, looking forward to meet some / or at least anybody of you,

I was reffered to this fix it yourself forum by my sister, which turned out to one of those crazy passionate social web butturflies, buzzing all around the internet, which personally in my case is great.

She has this super cool community of 200+K people all into home improvement, decorations both interior and exterior, every here and there home repairs, lighting and electricians headbumps and etc odd jobs. Since most of those home owners are not really based anywhere near me, so it does not serve my any good as a handyman apprentice, but I do happen to explore all these various rooms on the web, which on its turn helps me improve my own professional maintenance and repair skills. I myself earn most of my living (for now) as your average fix and repairs handyman with one of London's consientios handyman service - Fantastic Handyman. I used to be an appretince, but now I cover a wide range of plumbing and electricians stuff.

Whenever I have the optioin to chose I go for simple to advanced electrician emergencies (and less emergant) for cable and wire installations, replacements of lighting fixtures, bulbs, every here and there AC, but mostly I prefer the odd jobs.

If you ever need to catch me up, please don't trust forum accounts. The best way so to Dmitri Kara at gmail com me.