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I've been working with computer systems almost my entire life. My first computer was an atari 800 xl. In 1988 i started my venture in computer systems. At the age of 8yrs old I was troubleshooting my personal computer, and was developing HTML in 1989. I started with the windows3.1 system and my first hack was top score on mine sweeper. Since then I have matured along with the personal computer systems. I now have over 23 years experience troubleshooting computers hardware and software systems. I have been exposed to circuit board repair since 1996, which inspired me to go into the Professional IT field. I am a robotic hobbyist and do both the hardware and software ( basic and C ) engineering of robotic applications and system automation ( Industrial PLCs ). I am fluent in MS windows 3.1 to Windows 7 professional, Linux fedora redhat 6-7, ubuntu 9-11. I am proficient in troubleshooting the majority of software on the market today including but not limited to Microsoft office suites, Autodesk software solutions, adobe dreamweaver 6 to adobe software collection CS5, including adobe livecycle design. I've worked on every computer brand name including Panasonic toughbooks. I have service manuals to every toughbook but a waiver was signed during the training course, so I can not place them here. Please feel free to ask a question about the toughbooks and I can assist you in your current teardown.

I have mastered soldering techniques to the point of micro handsoldering ( pencil soldering not hot air ) 70+pin SMD processors and other various SMD components.

I Have worked on everything from Industrial motors to a cellphones.



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