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Who am I?

Hi there and thanks for visiting my page! My name is Justin Ogihara and I graduated from Cal Poly—SLO with a B.S. in Liberal Studies and a minor in Political Science. I'm hoping to become an elementary school teacher in the near future, preferably 4th or 5th grade. After teaching for a couple of years, I plan on moving up to administration, and hopefully become the U.S. Secretary of Education (*fingers crossed*).

What I do at iFixit…

September 2019 will mark my two-year anniversary at iFixit as an Educational (EDU) Assistant. As an EDU assistant, I manage the Technical Writing Project that spans over 70 universities and colleges. In addition to the EDU program, I’m a moderator on our own iFixit Meta forum! And whenever we’re invited to local school events, I like being the face behind Rosie the Repair Bear.

Things I do for fun

Aside from education, I'm very passionate about sports and living a healthy lifestyle in general. You can catch me watching and participating in most physical activities, especially baseball and basketball. Go Dodgers and Lakers!

I also LOVE video games (who doesn’t?). Of course sports/fighting games are always fun when playing with friends, but I’m a sucker for single-player story games. I just recently finished God of War for the PS4, and WOW was that a great game! I’ll always have a soft spot for Pokémon, and hopefully someday I’ll be able to catch them all in Pokémon Go!


I’m also part-owner/ownee to two Shiba Inu residing with my parents in Los Angeles. Despite their cuteness and human-like personalities, they can sometimes be a handful to take care of. Shiba Inu are definitely not for first-time dog owners, so if you’re thinking of adopting one (or maybe two), I’d recommend watching this short video to see if you’re ready for the challenge!

…more to come!

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