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I'm a visual communication design major who loves to create. I'm excited to see how technical communication can help me in the future and I'm ready to learn. This is my first quarter at Eastern Washington University but I transferred with credits. I am a sophomore in that I plan to graduate 2020. Excited to learn more in this class about e-waste as well as technical communication skills. My skills are mostly artistic and writing. Team organization is one of my strengths as well. Such as organizing times where people can meet or tasks for people to do. I’m also flexible with ideas and tasks that I can do because in groups I like to go with the flow and not create too much conflict. As long as our work gets done I don’t mind what brought us to the final product. I’m from Seattle and am transitioning into small town life. I live on campus in one of the dorms and love being close to my classes so far. I’m passionate about human and animal rights and try to advocate as best I can. I love animals and drawing but not drawing animals.