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Studying Accounting and General Business Management. I plan on being a Certified Public Accountant after I graduate. I enjoy math, which is why I decided to become an accountant. I also enjoy puzzles. In creating financial statements, it can sometimes turn into a puzzle if numbers don't add up to equal the same amount. If you spent more money than you think you did it can be very problematic. I also tend to be very frugal at times. Not just frugal, but neurotic in terms of keeping track of finances. I see it as an obsession. I have to solve the puzzle and make the numbers balance out. I find the whole field of Accounting fascinating. There are different rules for different categories. Tax Accounting, Government and Non-Profit Accounting, Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, its all different from one another. There is also a lot of overlap too however. I also find Management interesting. I like the idea of being a boss. All of the responsibility and accountability would fall on me. However, I get to tell people what to do and how to do their job. I feel like I am a good leader. I have been in a leadership position before and its nice to be able to delegate takes and let people work. I try not to micro-manage, but it is also unavoidable if its your head on the chopping block.