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Hi! I am Soliz and I work in kitting. Outside of work I like to play guitar, hike, bike, and go to the beach. I also enjoy watching movies and grabbing a drink with friends. Before moving to SLO in 2015, I lived in San Jose, CA with my family. Up there I was apart of a Mariachi group and played tennis. If you ever want to hit the courts or jam, just let me know!

I went to Cuesta College for a couple years to finish my general classes and studied Early Childhood Education. I love children and understanding their development/ psychology. I don't have any children of my own, but have day care and nanny experience. I am also learning to code on the side and some biology.

Learning about IFIXIT while living in SLO has lead me to love doing phone repairs. I have helped repair several iPhones of family members and neighbors. I am excited to join the other women in the company working to create more diversity.

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