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Hello! My name is Bri Gibson. I am a Journalism- Public Relations major (BS). I am a senior and started at EWU my freshman year, back in 2015. I plan on graduating this spring! I am currently living in Cheney, and do spend a lot of my time in Spokane as well. I have experience editing and enjoy to help edit and revise so that articles (or whatever it may be) are easy to understand. I think this will help me efficiently contribute to the iFixit project. Something about me that people may find to be interesting I am an avid triathlete (swim, bike, run). I have been a triathlete for awhile, but did my first half ironman this summer. I am going to try to earn my "pro card" (going professional) in triathlons, within the next three years. I hope to start my own PR consulting firm someday!