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I began learning how to fix my own malfunctioning and/or broken electronic toys when I was just a little kid of about 5 years old. I was taught by my grandfather, a Master Electrician who later earned a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering. Thanks to the passion and relentless drive that he instilled in me, I've continued to repair electronics in some capacity for nearly 40 years now. The last 20 of those years have been a bit of desktop/laptop repair but primarily focusing on mobile/handheld smart device repair.

I've previously worked for both of the largest two mobile phone companies in the U.S. for a combined total of 18 years. That's where I first learned to repair those cool, large, bulky, then cutting edge but now ancient, analog cell phones. Fortunately, I was taught by a handful of kind, hilarious, but very often grumpy old Master Techs. They were ridiculously talented, sharing, and literally had nearly 200 years of electronic repair knowledge and experience between them!

After 18 years and scared out of my mind with a growing family to support, I finally...and very apprehensively...walked away from my full time "Mobile Device Retail Sales Manager" position that I'd worked for so long and so hard to earn. I left to start my own full time smart device repair business. That was almost 9 years ago and I've never looked back! I've been a happy small business owner ever since and it's truly a blessing to be successfully doing what I love everyday!!!


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