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I am from Busan, South Korea. My first language is Korean and I can speak English and a little bit of Japanese. I was a student journalist in high school in South Korea. I interviewed presidents of clubs in the school and wrote journals to let students know the clubs’ activities and purposes.

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I enjoyed delivering what an interviewee wants to say to people effectively. My hobby is cooking and photography. Here is a photo of the cooking I made, cheese tomato pasta. I used the SONY A5000 camera for the photo.

I am majoring in Mechanical engineering at Embry-riddle aeronautical university.

I am taking Aeronautical Science classes to get an Aircraft dispatcher certification.

Even though mechanical engineering and aircraft dispatching are very different studies, I am enjoying to study those because it improves my knowledge and widens the range of job selection for the future.

Here are some experiences which might be helpful to the IFIXIT standard project.

  • Disassembled a Juicer
  • Fixed a button on a Radio
  • Taken a C++ class
  • Taken a 3D modeling class using CATIA

These are videos of 3D modeling of components of a Juicer.

I like analyzing and expending an idea so I am confident with finding solutions for problems of a device. I wish I can give better solutions to IFIXIT users. As a mechanical engineering student, I believe the project working with IFIXIT will improve me a lot.