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  • School''California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo
  • Major — Materials Engineering because I was interested in the use of different Materials for certain purposes and the idea of altering a materials properties.
  • Aspirations— My main goal in life is to find a job that makes me happy and currently I think I will find that in engineering so I am aspiring to be an engineer that works on projects with others.
  • Skills —
    • Solid Works experience
    • Lathe and Mill experience
    • Leadership experience
    • Quick Learner
    • Excel and Word experience
  • Projects/accomplishments
    • Built a robot to compete in FIRST with team 5102 in 2017 (I focused on the machining and building of the robot rather than the solid works design, but have since learned solid works)
    • Built a cardboard recliner for a high school engineering class
    • Highschool Leadership President
    • Metallographic work an electronic relay to examine the materials
  • Repair experience— I haven’t worked on repairs for any technological devices, but I would like to learn how to replace batteries on different items.
  • Accolades
    • Floro Scholarship for community service
  • Groups/memberships
    • Cal Poly Sailing Club
    • Cal Poly Powerlifting/Barbell club
  • Hobbies
    • Health and Fitness
    • Sailing
    • Disc Golf
  • How does this project relate to you?
    • Personally this project will help me better understand the devices I use on a daily basis.
    • Professionally this project will further develop my teamwork skills as well as give me experience with working with a company.
  • Any other fun facts you’d like to add?— I am very close to my family (Mom, Dad, Brother, and 2 dogs). Currently I am working at Cal Poly Print and Copy. I enjoy all genres of music.

Recliner and Relay Metallography Pictures

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Block Image
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