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I am a second year Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication student at James Madison University with a concentration in Scientific and Technical Communication. I am pursuing a degree with hopes to enter the writing field in advertising. I have yet to fix anything, but I would love to learn how to fix my own devices, especially my iPhone. I am a deans list student, and have been honored in the Washington Post for soccer, but I am looking forward to extending my success into writing endeavors. Soccer is one of my favorite hobbies, for which I am a member of the James Madison University Club Soccer team. I also enjoy eating potatoes, spaghetti, and watching Harry Potter.

I look forward to completing an Ifixit project, as it will help me expand my writing experiences and help me learn more about technology. Being able to be self sufficient when it comes to technology is a great achievement, so I am extremely excited to help people do this as well as help protect the environment from electronic waste.