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I have tore down 5 phones and replaced two screens, working on the third today (1/23/20). Replaced a charging port and battery in one. Three of the phones are bf’s broke Samsung S5 and two are Huawei Mate 9s (pronounced: wow way), one is mine and the other I found while looking for parts for $60 with a broke screen. Replacing the $60 phone screen was my first screen replacement. It was exciting when I accomplished that. I will be interchanging the two Huawei’s for the best parts and selling it. I replaced a screen with frame in a Samsung Note 4 last night and it has a problem laying flush with back frame. Idk why, I think bc it's a model N900V and the phone is N900P. PhonePartsUSA shows all to be compatible. I'll be discussing with them today.

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