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I am a 2nd year Civil Engineering major at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. My interest for engineering and the structural design aspects that come with it have grown so much with my time here.

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With the knowledge and experience I gain from classes and exposure at Cal Poly I would love to find a company home out of school. I am really interested in structures and am looking forward to continuing my studies in that. For the summer of 2020 I am currently looking for internship opportunities in the field of civil engineering.

I’m very excited to see what my future holds and for the journey that comes with that, from internships and industry experiences to connections and relationships.

Repair Experience

For the majority of my life I have worked alongside my grandfather in his Handyman business. From before my teenage years I would drive with him to jobs and help with household repairs and fixes. I’d work on anything from basic carpentry to sinks to landscaping.

I do not have an abundance of experience in repairing technology but my interest carries over and my iFixit project has been very enjoyable.


At Cal Poly I am a part of the Men’s Lacrosse Team and have played lacrosse for over 7 years. I’ve learned to love the game and I don’t plan on stopping! I also grew up always going to the beach, I enjoy being in the water and having a great bonfire.

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