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Hi everyone! My name is Chase Hubbard, and I am currently a junior at IUPUI.

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I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering with a minor in mathematics at IUPUI. I was drawn to biomedical engineering because it brings all of my favorite fields (math, biology, chemistry) into a single major. While biomedical engineering has proven to be a challenging field, I am grateful for my past experiences and excited for my future opportunities!


Following my completion of the undergraduate program at IUPUI, I am planning on pursuing a non-thesis master’s degree in biomedical engineering at IUPUI. I am most excited for the advanced classes I will be able to take during my fifth year! After I complete the master’s program, I will be seeking full-time employment within the fields of medical device manufacturing or prosthetics/orthotics design and manufacturing.

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While at IUPUI, I have become involved in a couple organizations on campus. I have been a member of the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) at IUPUI since my freshman year. This is a national organization that creates opportunities such as volunteering, chances to engage with other BME students, and speaking with professionals within the work force. I am also a member of Tau Beta Pi, a national honors engineering society that recognizes intelligent and dedicated junior and senior engineering students at numerous universities.

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Throughout my undergraduate experience, I have been involved in several hands-on, group projects both inside and outside of class. During my sophomore year, we were required to construct a fracture fixation plate that could withstand significant force during a three-point bending test and create electrical circuits and a LABVIEW program that would allow us to control a small electrical motor using power generated from a muscle contraction. During my junior year, we have successfully created a functional spectrophotometer that ran on a MATLAB script, and we are currently building a device that will be used to pump medication using a peristaltic pump. Outside of the classroom, I am working with a urologist at the IU Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, IN to design a new surgical device.


Aside from my school work, I enjoy hiking and camping as often as I can. After spending the majority of my time in Indianapolis, it is nice to retreat to the woods where I can breathe some fresh air! I also enjoy working out a the local gym. However, if I’m not studying at the library, sleeping in the woods or working the gym, there is a good chance I will be spending any remaining time with my fiance, Alexis.

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