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Hi! My name is Bradyn Braithwaite. I am a sophomore at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University majoring in Computer Engineering.

I’ve always loved taking things apart - especially when I get to use tools to dig in and figure out how something works. Tear-downs are awesome, and putting things back together is a great feeling. My goal is to work in both hardware and software development for a big tech company like Microsoft or Valve.

I believe reducing electronic waste is a critical part of saving the environment. I strongly support the Right to Repair, and hope my guides will aid iFixit in reducing tech waste.


  • Programming: C++, MATLAB, Java
  • Platforms: Windows, Ubuntu
  • Math: Calculus III, Differential Equations
  • CAD: Blender, Fusion 360

Maintenance / Repair:

  • Upgraded laptops for thermals or memory
  • Repaired 3D printers, including boards and hotends


Block Image
  • This summer I built a workbench to learn soldering and get started with Arduino
  • I am always tinkering with something new, or 3D printing parts to assist in repairs
  • My GitHub has a couple public repositories


  • Playing piano
  • Photography
  • Chess
  • Walking in the rain


  • Eagle Scout since 2018
  • National-Merit Scholarship award recipient
  • Made the Dean’s List for Spring 2020

Bonus Photo

This is my cat, Lolo

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