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Welcome! This is a page all about me and what I stand for!

To begin, I would love to share some of my background with you!

I grew up in a massive city in California called Los Angeles and to this day it is my favorite place on the planet :) When I was ten years old, I moved to a lovely small town called Prescott located in Arizona. I love video games and novels especially League of Legends and 1984 by George Orwell. I have traveled all through Europe especially in England, where my family is from! I have big goals in life such as working for large video game companies like Blizzard, Bungie or even Activision! Today I am a proud student at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University as a Software Engineer! To understand my goals in life, lets take a step back to my junior year at Prescott High School.

My 2017-18 year was by far the most spectacular year of my life! This was the year I had an opportunity most people would die for!

My entire life, connections have been essential for me, the people you know and the people they know can get you much farther in life than trying by yourself. With the connection of my step-mother, who at the time was a representative at David & Goliath,

had a close friend who worked for RIOT! RIOT is the company that produced the largest e-sports game in the world! League of Legends! She came up to me with an offer I could not ignore, she asked me “do you want to spend your summer at the League of Legends Headquarters?”, I could not believe what she was telling me! How could I deny an opportunity like that? I went there every day and to show you some cool things about the experience, I took some photos!:

This is the wall of highlights and some cool art at the entrance:

Block Image

Here is the massive walls and hallway that leads you into the headquarters:

Block Image
Block Image

And the coolest photo of all featuring me and Annie from LoL