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I am currently going to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, and I am studying aerospace engineering. I chose engineering because, one, it sounded cool, and two, I have always loved planes, and I think it would be interesting to design them.


My main hope and dream is to graduate college with minimum student debt, and after that, I either want to make a career out of the Air Force or serve my years then get involved in some major aerospace company. I also hope to start a family sometime in there.


Some skills I posses is I can use Catia, I am learning MATLAB, I can use all Microsoft Office applications, I am proficient in iMovie and Adobe Premier pro. Some other fun skills I have is that I can drive most tractors, drive a motorcycle and I can play piano and guitar.


One main project that comes to mind is my freshman engineering project where we as a team had to make a LEGO robot to preform various task. We remotely controlled the robot and had it collect balls, traverse a course and dump the balls.

Repair Experience

I have repaired a variety of things from an iPhone to a 1971 Willys Jeep. I had a iPhone 6 and I broke the screen once and decided to take it in to get fixed, but I looked at the bill and decided I could do better. Next time the screen broke, I looked on Amazon and found a $20 screen with a repair kit and bout that. It cost a fraction of the price if I took it in to get repaired. I also do repairs/modifications to my 2014 Yamaha XT 250 like fixing tire leaks, changing out sprockets and just small maintenance. More recently, me and my brother took apart his 1971 Willys Jeep because his clutch went out. After we dropped the transmission and took the bell housing off, we found that his throw-out bearing was malfunctioning.

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  • ERAU Presidential Scholarship (2020-2024)


  • Air Force Reserves’ Officer Training Corps - Training to become an officer in the United States Air Force; Physical Fitness Officer Assistant - Lead groups in physical training


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I like to spend my free time watching sports, playing soccer and baseball. I love to also spend my time outdoors hiking, fishing, hunting, shooting and riding dirt bikes. I like to stay active too. I like working out, running and lifting. I also like spending time with my family, girlfriend and friends. I am also an avid skier and I try to make as many trips up to the mountains as I can during the year. I am from Colorado so the mountains are basically my backyard.

How this Project Relates to Me

I will gain necessary knowledge on how to write technically because this is a very new topic for me. It will benefit me greatly in my engineering field because I have to learn how to write professional reports and such.

Interesting Facts About Me

I love most types of food, but more specifically, Mexican food. I also love all sorts of music, but my favorite has to be country.