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School: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Major: Aerospace Engineering Space is cool.

Aspirations: I want to be an Astronaut and go up into space.

Skills: Hardworking, good listener, good leadership and communication skills.

Projects/Accomplishments: Interplanetary Research and Design Team, I am part of the Structures, Mechanics, Thermal group and building a spaceplane.

Repair Experience: I would like to learn how to fix an ice machine.

Accolades: Lettered in academics 8 semesters in a row in high school.

Groups/Memberships: Vice president of the Pyschology Club, Member of Woman Ambassador Program, Member of the Interplanetary Reasearch Team.

Hobbies: I like to draw, bake, garden, and watch horror movies.

How does this project realate to you? The experience of this project will benifit me because it will show companies that I understand the basics and have knowledge in report writing and know how to write professionaly

Fun Facts: I have a dog and her name is sugar she is a white pomeranian, my favorite food is cookies&cream ice cream, my favorite type of music is hip-hop and rap, my favorite movie is Deadpool, and I played softball for 8 years it was fun!

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Top: This is my dog sugar she is form Natitional Puppy Mill Resuce

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Bottom: This is a cheese cake that I sold to people it is a raspberry white chocolate cheesecake with a lemon cookie crust