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I am currently studying Biology at Casper College. I would like to turn my biology degree into a marine biology degree. I’ve wanted to be an ichthyologist (“fish biologist”) since I was a little kid. I specifically want to work with sharks and possibly sea creatures that live in the deep.

I’m a quick learner, especially when I can get my hands on a project. I make sure that every project is done to the best of my ability. Sometimes I knit small sea animals to keep me happy. When it comes to repairing things, my skills vary. I usually do the repairs on my car or if the dishwasher isn’t working. I’ve never been able to fix a computer or anything technological, so I think this project is going to be fun.

I’ve lettered three times in swimming and speech and debate in high school, but those days are far behind me. I mostly focus on school and work. My fun time is spent cleaning and occasionally baking. If I really want to treat myself, I go and get an iced coffee.

I hope that this project will get me more familiar with business-style writing. I’m looking forward to figuring out how to fix things and write about them.

Fun facts about me:

  • I am allergic to cats and dogs, yet I have a husky and a black and grey tabby cat.
  • My favorite shark is a tiger shark.
  • I can pop my elbows.