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Unlike many here who have their own shop, I was a contract worker jumping around larger corporate customers configuring & fixing their equipment.

Apple’s move to system’s without USB-A ports forced a few of my customers to walk away from Apple gear as they were dependent on cypher keys which need to be directly attached to the system, not via a dongle or hub device which could be altered unbeknownst to the user (man in the middle attack risk). For my other big customers the lack of the ability to memorialize a systems drive or remove it so it could be destroyed was the other downfall for Apple.

So I’ve been working out of my home fixing systems as I could over the last few years.

Well, its finally happened! I’ve, fixed my last system for now. My arthritis has finally made it too hard to do much of anything delicate in the cold weather. Maybe in the late spring I’ll give it ago again.

I’m still helping people keep their systems running as long as they can be here on iFixit!

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