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I enjoy fixing things. My home office is covered in parts and tools. I've done repairs such as re-flowing solder on a Prius MFD (molex connector) saving a friend $4000 (stealership quote), 2008 MKV GTi Timing belts, Subaru Timing belts, PSP screen replacements, iPhone Screens (from time @ Apple/Genius bar, and on my own), Computer diag/repair, laptop repairs (Apple)... The list goes on.

I started with erector sets and Legos. I love to fix things, I’ve always loved taking things apart to see how they work. It’s the best when you can fix something for a friend or family. It's great to see their faces light up when their device is back to normal, saving them a few bucks or even thousands.

Keep up the great DIYs!

I'll have to start contributing!




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