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I am an IT Support for over 10 years in a non-profit organization along with obtaining a Web Developer Certificate from a college. I am on my last subject for this year and hoping to find a better job than my current one.

I also wear two hearing aids and find it very difficult to find a job because employers don't want to hire people with disabilities regardless of the skills provided. I have been struggling for 10 years and not able to land a perfect job where any employer can respect me and I can show that I can do the job 100%.

In the past I have had current employers are continuously discriminating me because of my hearing in front of staff and felt very embarrassed.

My currently salary is very low as being a divorced father of 2 kids while my son and I are the only one living together while my daughter is living with her mom.

Addition to that, have been trying to find someone to go out with (DATE) and again finding the same thing as mentioned above. The way I see it, there is completely nothing wrong dating people that has disabilities but seems some people are afraid of it.