This teardown is a working Actiontec Q1000 Modem, sold by Qwest as a Qwest Q1000.

Cette vue éclatée n'est pas un tutoriel de réparation. Pour réparer votre Actiontec Q1000 DSL Modem, utilisez notre manuel de réparation.

The Qwest Q1000 modem, made by Actiontec.
  • The Qwest Q1000 modem, made by Actiontec.

  • Port side with antennas detached.

    • DSL and Phone in ports

    • 4 Ethernet ports

    • USB port, reset button, and power jack

  • Not a screw in sight.

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As usual, the rubber feet are hiding screws!
  • As usual, the rubber feet are hiding screws!

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  • Nothing really to see here...

  • Remove the 2 antenna wires from the wifi card. One is also taped to the back of the board.

  • The circuit board is finally free!

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  • Looks like someone was generous with the thermal paste.

  • Underneath the cover:

    • Broadcom BCM6366

    • Broadcom BCM53115

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  • The Wi-Fi card lets down its shield...

  • The chip is a BCM4322.

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  • The inside of the top case.

  • The antenna connectors are screwed onto the case.

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  • The antenna connectors have gold-plated coax connectors and standard Wi-Fi antenna connectors.

  • What's underneath the heat-shrink? A ferrite bead to minimize interference.

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  • Testing out the light pipe with an LED throwie...

  • The light pipe takes light from tiny surface-mount LEDS on the motherboard and refracts it to the panel.

  • Here are all the LEDS:

    • 8 of the LEDS that work with the light pipe

    • One more surface mount LED

    • A white LED for illuminating the Qwest logo

    • A dual-color (red/green) LED for the WPS status indicator.

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  • The empty shell that once held a DSL modem.

  • The 2 detachable Wi-Fi antennas. Nothing to tear down here!

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  • Repairability score: 8/10

  • The entire device is held together with only 4 screws.

  • The Wi-Fi antenna connectors are screwed in and the cables are not soldered to the board.

  • The antennas are replaceable as well.

  • The heat sink is soldered in place, making removal difficult.

  • The Wi-Fi card is soldered in and held in place with silicon adhesive, making it impossible to remove without damaging the card or the device.

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Awesome teardown! These things have gotten so simple. Those antennas would be pretty easy to repurpose for something else.

Kyle Wiens - Réponse

What are the part number, volts, and amps of the power supply?

PDXTek - Réponse

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