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Die DJI Mavic Pro ist eine der coolsten Drohen, die wir je gesehen haben. Mit ihren faltbaren Armen und ihrer stabilisierten 4K Kamera sowie einer Menge anderer cooler Features, haben wir nicht lang gewartet, um diese Drohne auseinanderzunehmen.

Cette vue éclatée n'est pas un tutoriel de réparation. Pour réparer votre DJI Mavic Pro, utilisez notre manuel de réparation.

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28 commentaires

Looking good so far.. will there be a written breakdown?

Also i would love to see more attention on the gimbal.. I have been reading a lot on the forums and reddit, and so far, most accidents result in gimbal damage of some sort.

I'd love to see some repair guides or a more detailed teardown of the gimble, ribbon cables going into it, and video cables going into it.

Jason Elmore - Réponse

That would be great right about now. Everything works just fine but plastic piece holding gimbal to board snapped. Glue? Gimbal works great just hangs by wire

mark -

3rd flight and my gimbal already tore off after bumping into a small bush and falling 4 feet to the ground. The number one repair will most likely be that flimsy gimbal.

John - Réponse

Please also show where the two antennas end and how the motors are mount to the arms.

Amadeus - Réponse

And explode that camera too, wanna see why they align that sensor wrong

Sumi - Réponse

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