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Cette vue éclatée n'est pas un tutoriel de réparation. Pour réparer votre Dell U2718Q, utilisez notre manuel de réparation.

  1. Dell U2718Q Teardown, Removing Back Cover: étape 1, image 1 de 3 Dell U2718Q Teardown, Removing Back Cover: étape 1, image 2 de 3 Dell U2718Q Teardown, Removing Back Cover: étape 1, image 3 de 3
    • I'm putting the monitor face down, to start taking off the back cover.

    • On the bottom side of the monitor (see second pic), there are two notches. I started with an iFixIt metal spudger, pried there until I heard a click.

    • Once I insert the metal spudger and loosen all of the clips around the entire monitor, the back cover comes loose. I can then put it aside (nothing is wired or connected to it, so no need to be careful lifting it off)

    • I would advice being careful when prying around the monitor. While there are minimal components around these parts, you'd prefer it to look nice and have all clips fully functional after you're done.

  2. Dell U2718Q Teardown: étape 2, image 1 de 2 Dell U2718Q Teardown: étape 2, image 2 de 2
    • I'm going to want to take out the housing for the PCBs, so will need to disconnect the flex cables, as well as removing some metal-ish tape/stickers that hold it in place (presumably to prevent people from self-servicing without leaving behind traces of them having been there).

    • I'm disconnecting all the wires connected to the housing before I can screw it off the backside of the display panel.

    • There should be two 6-pin connectors on the top side, and 2 flex cables on the right side. The flex cables have a flip up latch (see second image and then see next point).

    • There is also one last flex cable that goes into the middle of the housing behind a sticker/tape. To remove this, I'm going to remove the frame from the display panel (see next point).

    • The frame has 12 screws holding it in place, where one of them is behind the USB-hub board in the right hand corner of the monitor. It's just screwed in with 1 screw, and held in by the flex cable.

    • Now I can pull on the top left and top right corners, and the frame should come loose. Then I can carefully work my way towards the bottom. I lifted the flex cable up from the backside of the display panel, so I can bring it with me when taking out the main housing.

    • Then I remove the 4 black screws mounting the main housing on the back of the display panel. Then I personally don't care to carefully remove the metal-ish sticker on the top and right side of the housing, so I just cut it so it doesn't hold the main housing down anymore. (do this last step at your own risk!)

    • As you lift the main housing off, there is one last flex cable at the bottom left side of the display panel's back, with some yellow tape on it. I'm removing that so I can freely lift the main housing and the frame away.

  3. Dell U2718Q Teardown: étape 3, image 1 de 1
    • This is as far as my teardown will take it. From here on out, it's relatively simple. Just loosen the screws on these PCBs, carefully take them out. There is a cable between each of these boards. Though all of the boards can be taken out at once with ease.


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