In this teardown, i will disassemble a dead IBM Travelstar DJSA-220 20 GB hard drive which was in a PowerBook G3 Firewire.

Cette vue éclatée n'est pas un tutoriel de réparation. Pour réparer votre IBM Travelstar DJSA-220 2.5", utilisez notre manuel de réparation.

  1. My Victim: a dead IBM Deathstar DJSA-220
    • My Victim: a dead IBM Deathstar DJSA-220

      • 20.00GB ATA/IDE

      • 5V 500mA

      • 4200RPM

      • Original Apple OEM!

    • Let's remove the 7 T6 screws!

    Good that the number 7 for the T6 screws is mentioned, but better would be to indicate where the 7th screw is located: under the barcode near the center.

    Rob Weemhoff - Réponse

  2. The disc surface is mirror-like. You can even see my iPhone 3GS!
    • The disc surface is mirror-like. You can even see my iPhone 3GS!

    • Parts Of The Device

      • Heads.

      • Head Motor

      • A little bag that absorbs humidity.

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    • Turn the disc over and remove the 7 T4 screws.

    • Then comes the logic board.

    • The black tape is only foam. It doesn't stick.

    • Contacts for data transfer and head control

    • Contacts for motor power

    • If my scanner wants to work again, i'll post a high res scan of the board.

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    • You now see the back, without the logic board.

    • Heads connector, transfers head-moves commands and data to store and read

    • Motor connector, brings power to move the discs at 4200RPM

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    • Let's attack the inside!

    • remove the two T6 screws.

    • This piece is a powerful magnet!

    • This is a PCB with a ribbon cable sticked on it

    • Remove the two T6 screws.

    • The screw is on the back, T6 too.

    • I was unable to remove that T8 screw that holds the platters. They keep turning with my screwdriver and i couldn't block it strong enough.

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    • The head with its connector.

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    • Done!

    • The Screws:

      • 7 T4 screws.

      • 13 T6 screws.

      • 1 T8 screw

    • There are more screws in this hard disc than in a new MacBook!

    • Thank you for reading my first teardown :-)

    can you add more to a drive

    Angel Montero - Réponse

    I'm afraid not. Sorry.

    joelc -

    Thanks u... I need this solution......

    ICON Aung - Réponse

    I read what you wrote, but i wanted to remove the Read/Write discs. I still can’t figure out what type of screw it is. Do you know?

    Natej181 - Réponse


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is there a replacement for this drive, mine just went bad...

julie - Réponse

Hi, of course, there is! Any 2.5'' ATA hard drive should fit. Beware, some computers have a 128GB capacity limit.

joelc - Réponse

is there anything reusable from the parts aside from the magnets? can you help me figure it out where I could probably use them?

Sheena - Réponse

To be honest, not much. If the logic board is fine, you could keep it just in case a same model drive went bad on this side. The screws may be useful if you are dealing with small electronic devices. But for sure, the most interesting part is that strong magnet.

joelc -

Do you happen to know where I can find drivers to get this hard drive to work on my win 7 pc? I need to extract some data from it, thank you in advance

Ville Ahonen - Réponse

Hello, your tutorial is very nice. I want to learn how to fix harddrive, and every kind of trouble they can encounter. I wish to know what are the compatibilities between parts, what logic board and heads can be swaped, etc... Do you know where i could learn more about all this stuff?

Yann Nève - Réponse

Is there an external drive enclosure for this hard drive?

Adam - Réponse

Any 2.5 inch IDE enclosure will be fine ;-)

joelc -

Would I be able to gain access to files if the hard drive is making a hissing sound?

Greg - Réponse

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