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Here's a Blackberry Pearl 8130 for disassembly. It had software issues which I afterward fixed.

Cette vue éclatée n'est pas un tutoriel de réparation. Pour réparer votre BlackBerry Pearl 8130, utilisez notre manuel de réparation.

  1. Frontal/Back View- Dimensions: (LxWxD) 107mm x 50mm x 14mm (4.02" x 1.97" x .55") <- For those in America :) Weight: 96g or 3.10oz
    • Frontal/Back View- Dimensions: (LxWxD) 107mm x 50mm x 14mm (4.02" x 1.97" x .55") <- For those in America :) Weight: 96g or 3.10oz

      • Speaker

      • Status LED

      • High-res 240x260 Color LCD display

      • Red Trackball

      • 1.3MP Camera

      • Flash

      • Back Cover Latch

  2. Side View!
    • Side View!

      • 3.5mm Stereo Headset Jack

      • USB 2.0 Data/Charging Port

      • Micro SD Card Slot

      • Camera/Quick Access Button

      • Volume Up/Down Button

      • Quick Access Button

      • Lanyard/Accessory Attachment

    • Top/Bottom!

      • This phone his seen it's share of scratches!

      • Mute/Ringer Off Button

      • Microphone

    • Press down on clip and remove back cover.

    • Push Battery from top to bottom and pull up to remove.

      • Battery: Standby time- 216 hours/Call time- 4 hours

      • Clip

      • Back cover

    • 1.3MP Camera

    • Flash


    • Phone information sticker

    • Torx T5 screws

    • Insert curved point metal spudger into gap between keyboard and bottom bezel cap.

      • Bottom Bezel Cap

    • Pull up and push away to lift bezel.

    • Hold this cap with your thumb and flip the phone around.

    • Insert spudger under bezel and lift on both sides.

      • Pry Here

    • The Bezel Cap should pop off at this point revealing two more T5 screws!

      • Two T5 Screws

    • Remove the two T5 Screws and set them aside.

      • The two T5 screws and their respective holes

    • Start at the top of one of the sides of the phone and pry off the silver sides with a spudger or your fingers.

    • Once you have removed both sides set them aside

      • The silver sides

      • Various holes, buttons and slots

    • Headphone Jack

    • USB 2.0 Port

    • Micro SD Card Slot

    • Camera Button

    • Up and Down Buttons

    • Quick Access Button

    • Pry front cover and back cover off of LCD and circuit board.

    • Separate the three parts and set them down.

      • Back plastic assembly

      • LCD and Logic Board

      • Front plastic assembly and keypad+trackball

    • Trackball (Removable). Pop it out from the back.

    • Display Glass (Removable). Pry from the top to break glue seal, pry the rest of with your fingers.

    • Keypad

    • LCD and connector above it to the left (Removable). Remove connector with spudger and free LCD from clips.

    • Keypad connector (Keypad was removed). To remove pry connector up off of logic board.

    • Battery Connector

    • Various chips under metal heat sinks. Sorry I won't remove them the phone is still good and I don't want to risk damaging it :(

    • Speaker (Removable by Soldering)

    • Keyboard Connector

    • Trackball (Remove by poking out)

    • 1.3MP Camera (Removable by Soldering)

    • From left to right: Headphone jack, Antenna?, USB Port, Micro SD Card Slot. All of the above are removable by soldering.

    • Battery Connector (Removable by pulling it straight out of it's slot)

    • Various chips covered by heatsinks

    • Here it is, everything all laid out.

      • Back Cover and Battery

      • T5 Screws

      • Bezel cap

      • Shiny Side pieces

      • Front Plastic Assembly

      • Back Plastic Assembly

      • LCD and Logic Board

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