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My first Handheld Device. A Sony FM/AM Tape Cassette Walkman. It has Digital Controls for the Radio /Alarm Clock on the front and Old school cassette controls on the side. Found it again in a Logitech Tape Case with a Live Medski, Martin and Wood show from 99 in it. Runs on 2 AA batteries. This Walkman was my first Portbale device and I've kept it through all these years. Tis officially my first breakdown on IFIXIT

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Good Ole Sony Walkman.
  • Good Ole Sony Walkman.

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Start with removing the screw on the Underside. The screw on the Backside next. Then the two on the reverse side of the tape controls.
  • Start with removing the screw on the Underside. The screw on the Backside next. Then the two on the reverse side of the tape controls.

  • New line.

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  • With a small Phillips head, Pry the sides carefully.

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  • Take care not to jostle the Switches on the top of the unit while removing case. So now we have removed the underside casing from the device.

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  • Find Ribbon Cable that connects to the board. Carefully Pry open either side of connector as shown, then remove ribbon cable from board.

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  • Now we can remove the board from the casing.

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  • If you do not need to replace the front door control assembly I would not suggest to continue any further- That little spring took me a good 40 minutes to properly get back in place. It is Crucial to get it in right so that the Cassette door stays flush and closed.

  • Find Door Spring and remove carefully. Then find and pry off (on either side) glued on bumpers- These limit the distance the door hinge can travel in order to be pulled off---

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  • Now gently pry the door hinges on either side off of their pivot point, and remove the front door from the assembly

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  • Remove three screws on backside of cassette door. Then remove panel.

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  • There is your front mounted control board! It is attached to what appears to be a speaker i'm guessing. Possibly for the alarm clock. I found that to be interesting, the little speaker thing. Anyways , thats it.

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Please provide more info on how to put the spring back together again. I have a WM-FX435.

Robert Surya - Réponse

Hi, the casette operation has failed. Now I try to check. Really I do not the reason. Any suggestion?

Batur Salamom - Réponse

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