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This is the hub used to power TELUS Boost WiFi. TELUS is a telecommunications provider in BC, Canada.

This device does not have a FCC ID as it is only sold in Canada. Its Industry Canada ID is IC: 4711A-PRV65B.

You can view all photos in higher resolution here

It is not recommended to open your device. End customers of internet service should contact the ISP for support.

  1. TELUS Wi-Fi Hub (Arcadyan) Teardown, TELUS Wi-Fi Hub (Arcadyan) Teardown: étape 1, image 1 de 3 TELUS Wi-Fi Hub (Arcadyan) Teardown, TELUS Wi-Fi Hub (Arcadyan) Teardown: étape 1, image 2 de 3 TELUS Wi-Fi Hub (Arcadyan) Teardown, TELUS Wi-Fi Hub (Arcadyan) Teardown: étape 1, image 3 de 3
    • External photos.

  2. TELUS Wi-Fi Hub (Arcadyan) Teardown, External Photo 2: étape 2, image 1 de 1
    • External photo 2

  3. TELUS Wi-Fi Hub (Arcadyan) Teardown, Internal Structure: étape 3, image 1 de 2 TELUS Wi-Fi Hub (Arcadyan) Teardown, Internal Structure: étape 3, image 2 de 2
    • A large heatsink on the back of the unit serves to keep the unit cool without installation of a fan.

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Oh nice Absolutely amazing, thank you for sharing your knowledge with me.

Laluna Lawlence - Réponse

Thank you for tearing it down. Any hint on the speed of the LAN/WAN port from the hardware?

Ricky Chau - Réponse

The router seems to be build on Broadcom’s 6858 SoC which is quite powerful beast and MoCA part is on BCM6802. But I can’t find much details about them.

Ajax - Réponse

How was it identified as an Arcadyan NH20A? It says designed in Canada on the bottom. Who makes the Arcadyan NH20A. It's not an easy find.

Arcadyan Headquarters: No.8, Sec.2, Guangfu Rd., Hsinchu City 30071, Taiwan. Not a Canadian company. So it was designed for Canadian use only, care of Telus?

Broadband access, Multimedia and Wireless infrastructure into its expertise.

Where is it stated that this device is made by Arcadyan? I can't find this device within their company website. Someone must have discovered it labeled on the device, somewhere?

ImaGUIguy - Réponse

So this ONT/Modem/Router/Wi-Fi 6 device gets fed a fiber optic cable, straight from outside, or does it go through another device first? Like the old Actiontec T3200M it has a fiber in connector (though isn't used in conjunction with the Nokia G-240G-A ONT) with 1G service plan. My T3200 is just fed a CAT6 ethernet cable from the Nokia. The T3200 is only capable of 1G LAN ethernet, I assume this NH20A device has 2.5G LAN ethernet connectors, using CAT6e or CAT7 cables?

ImaGUIguy - Réponse

I find it a bit confusing that they call this device the Wi-Fi- 6 Booster. It's just a ONT/2.5G gateway with WiFi 6 capability, correct? It's a modem/router correct? Isn't a "booster" more descriptive of something like a extender, like the older Wi-Fi telus boosters? Doesn't Telus now supply a new Wi-Fi 6 extender/booster that looks like this ONT/2.5G gateway?

If we upgrade to the 1.5G service, do we get this new setup or does this equipment only come with the 2.5G service. I still have the older Actiontec T3200M and the old Nokia G-240G-A on the 1G service. Will this older equipment be swopped out for the 1.5G service?

ImaGUIguy - Réponse

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