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Cette vue éclatée n'est pas un tutoriel de réparation. Pour réparer votre iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi, utilisez notre manuel de réparation.

  1. iPad Mini 4 Teardown, iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 1, image 1 de 3 iPad Mini 4 Teardown, iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 1, image 2 de 3 iPad Mini 4 Teardown, iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 1, image 3 de 3
    • It's thinner. It's lighter. It's powerful-er. What else is it? Here's what we know from Apple:

    • Fully laminated, 7.9-inch (diagonal), 2048x1536 LED-backlit Multi-Touch display with IPS technology

    • Apple A8 SoC with 2nd-generation 64‑bit architecture + M8 motion coprocessor

    • 8 MP iSight camera + 1.2 MP FaceTime HD camera

    • Wi‑Fi (802.11a/​b/​g/​n/ac) with dual channel (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) and MIMO support + Bluetooth 4.2

    • 19.32 Wh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery

    • Three-axis gyro + accelerometer + ambient light sensor

    • And a brand new model number: A1538

  2. iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 2, image 1 de 3 iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 2, image 2 de 3 iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 2, image 3 de 3
    • New Mini, new look. We lined up our new (gold) Mini 4 against our old (space gray) Mini 3, and flashbacked to our iPad Air 2 teardown. These are all the same changes!

    • The 6.1 mm thick iPad Mini 4 shaves 18% off the 7.5 mm Mini 3.

    • Many speaker holes are consolidated into fewer.

    • The dual rear-facing microphones move to surround the iSight camera, taking up the home of the now-defunct rotation lock slider.

    • And lastly, that uniform gold color hasn't changed, so your devices can still coordinate, for now (anyone remember the iPhone 5's sort-of blue color?)

  3. iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 3, image 1 de 3 iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 3, image 2 de 3 iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 3, image 3 de 3
    Outil utilisé dans cette étape :
    • As always, our friend iOpener is on hand to melt hearts and adhesive everywhere. <3 iOpener.

    • Despite the rather brief introduction at Apple's event earlier this month, the Mini 4 is packing a pretty major overhaul—including the same fully laminated screen tech we've seen in the iPad Air 2.

    • This is part of what makes the Mini 4 18% thinner than the Mini 3—but it's also more expensive to fix when you drop it.

    • With the adhesive softened, our tried-and-true method of suction cup and opening picks prevails once more. We're on our way inside this critter.

  4. iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 4, image 1 de 3 iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 4, image 2 de 3 iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 4, image 3 de 3
    Outil utilisé dans cette étape :
    Battery Blocker
    • As if the fused display wasn't enough of a hint—this is looking more and more like a miniature iPad Air 2 by the minute.

    • Adhering the glass and display together gives a little more rigidity to this Mini—enough to ditch the huge metal shield plate that has traditionally lived behind the LCD.

    • One feature we're glad the Mini has retained: an easily disconnected battery. We'll pop that guy first, without having to bust out our isolation pick (necessary for full-sized iPads).

  5. iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 5, image 1 de 2 iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 5, image 2 de 2
    • Saucer Screen separation complete. Besides sealing the display to the glass, there aren't any major changes—the Mini 4 sports the same 2048 x 1536 pixels (326 ppi) as its predecessor.

    • Last year's update to the Mini series brought a single new feature, as a bit of a teaser of what was to come today: Touch ID. As such, not much there has changed, and the bracket and assembly look about the same as in the iPad Mini 3.

    • The other new feature on the Mini 3 was dual blobs of hot glue to hold the button assembly down. That particular repair-hampering detail returns as well.

    • The Touch ID cable is now integrated into the display cable, like on the Air 2 (and unlike on the Mini 3).

  6. iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 6, image 1 de 2 iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 6, image 2 de 2
    • All right kids, it time to play Spot the Differences! The now-discontinued iPad Mini 3 on the left faces off against the contender, the new Mini 4 (right).

    • Not only is the battery thinner and of lesser capacity, it's now a single cell, instead of two.

    • The lower right antenna now lives in the upper right. We'll have to tear into an LTE version to see what that means for that.

    • The FaceTime camera assembly is seriously slimmed down.

    • Plastic spacers fill in the gaps in the Wi-Fi logic board on the Mini 4 (perhaps to provide some more support for the display).

    The reason to put the antenna to that place is to pull them further apart, increasing MIMO performance. Putting antennas for different services diagonally also reduces the chances of blocking both antennas of the same type when gripping the edge.

    Tom Chai - Réponse

    Hello,is it possible under the plastic spacer(the small one) ,to stay something important for the power of the iPad,because my battery fuse a flash from hole next to the plastic spacer and the spacer is a little bit burned and I'm not sure is that the reason the iPad to charge only when off?Not fix with new battery!Thank you And hope someone answer me at

    Владимир Петров - Réponse

  7. iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 7, image 1 de 2 iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 7, image 2 de 2
    • This iPad is some kind of Mini/Air hybrid—half its antennas on the top, like an Air, half on the bottom like a standard Mini.

    • The "right" antenna moved from its customary speaker spot, to the right of the rear-facing camera.

    • This is probably a space saving measure, but maybe this Mini is secretly a flounder. º3º

  8. iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 8, image 1 de 3 iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 8, image 2 de 3 iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 8, image 3 de 3
    • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and these beholders have some pretty nice specs.

    • No longer the red-headed stepchild of the iPad line, the Mini 4 inherits the 8 MP iSight camera from the iPad Air, while retaining the familial 1.2 MP FaceTime camera.

    • Gone also is the front-facing camera's plastic housing. Looks like Apple engineers are steadfastly streamlining the design in the Air's direction.

  9. iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 9, image 1 de 2 iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 9, image 2 de 2
    • And we've struck the gold within the gold:

    • Apple A8 APL1011 SoC, with SK Hynix H9CKNNN8KTBUSR 2 GB LPDDR3 SDRAM

    • SK Hynix H2JTDG8UD1BMR 16 GB NAND flash

    • NXP Semiconductors 65V10 NFC controller

    • NXP Semiconductors LPC18B1UK (Apple M8 motion co-processor)

    • Apple 338S1213 audio codec

    • NXP CBTL1610A1 (Tristar2) USB Switch IC

  10. iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 10, image 1 de 1
    • And a few more on the tail end:

    • Universal Scientific Industrial 339S00045 Wi-Fi module. (The iPad Mini 3 used the 339S0213 )

    • Broadcom BCM5976 digitizer controller

    • Texas Instruments 343S0583, as seen on the iPad Air 2

  11. iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 11, image 1 de 2 iPad Mini 4 Teardown: étape 11, image 2 de 2
    • iPad Mini 4 Repairability: 2 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair).

    • The battery is still not soldered to the logic board.

    • The LCD and front panel glass are now fused together. This slightly simplifies the opening procedure.

    • The fused front panel also increases the cost of repairing a cracked screen, and increases risk of damage to the LCD when opening.

    • The Lightning connector is soldered to the logic board, so don't bend its pins.

    • Gobs of adhesive hold everything in place making all repairs more difficult.

    • Removing the home button is a tough but required job for display replacement if you want to keep Touch ID functionality.

    now post some glass only repair videos instead of just talking about fused screens. Come on you already posted microsoldering videos...

    dennis97519 - Réponse

    Oh be patient mate, they JUST got this brand new. Splitting the display from the glass will be one of the trickiest projects while preserving the LCD. The idea of keeping the lightning port a solder on was definitely a major flop. I don't see why that needed to be but now this'll be a repair for the lesser. 2/10 sounds about right.

    Duc -

    It's not practical to cut the glass off. The display is so big that you will almost inevitably crack the LCD when attempting this.

    Tom Chai -

    You need a special cutting machine, besides there doesn't seem like there are any replacements on the market atm.

    Jake - Réponse

28 commentaires

Thank you for putting up this tear down! I've just picked up an iPad mini 4 and am having some trouble with an interim third party case triggering wake/sleep. Where is the magnet sensor in this iteration of the mini? And do you know its polarity? I'm thinking I might be able to fix this myself with a carefully placed, weak magnet.



Noah Scott - Réponse

What about the home button assembly? I only need this part. Or maybe a wiring diagram so I can make a Ipad Mini 3 home button wiring work, just to be able to click.. I don't need the fingerprint reader.

So the LCD is the same in the mini 3 and mini4, but home button is different. Can you use a ipad mini 3 digitizer on a ipad mini 4? Thanks so much for this, it's so helpful!

Kyle - Réponse

Did you ever get the home button to work

nettech207 -

Not at all because the 3 digitizer is smaller compared to the 4 due to the increase in height that the mini 4 has so it will not work at all and it will be to small

Osman -

I have an issue with repairing iPad mini 4 screen's I have repaired many iPads but the mini 4 is acting odd. I replaced the screens and swap over the home button and solder the little cable thing thats on the left side of the home button. My issue is the power button won't work any more. But oddly it will power on and power off the unit but not lock or wake up the unit. I've repaired two of these unit and both have this same exact issue.

iProiApple - Réponse

Any luck? I have same issue with many units

Jonathan L. James -

Can anyone tell what the soldered cable go left of home button on iPad mini 4 screen is? My screen supplier says it's to do with Smart Cover and can be omitted!!

Rob Crame -

Same issue after changing screen, very frustrating!

Mark Andrew Borg -

about that when you replace a screen on ipad mini 4 you will also need to solder a part from the old ipad mini you can locate the part near the home buttom

not really hard to solder it so just locate it and move it to the new screen

רן סלקום -

Still no way to replace the glass and the screen is $270! You might as well throw it away if the screen breaks. Which mine did.

fastm3driver - Réponse

Or do a glass only repair

Gigabit87898 -

Where is NFC antenna?

Ibrahim Khalil - Réponse

As shown in step 9 above, the “NXP Semiconductors 65V10 NFC controller” is the one outlined in yellow, directly adjacent to the “Apple M8 motion co-processor” (outlined in green).

Brandon Elliott -

thanx for posting about ipad mini 4 teardown . i gave my mini 4 for repairing power button to one local shop. he repaired it and after4 to5 dys same problems was occured. so i just put it in my cup board. after watching teardown mini4 i follow one by one step and i repaired it in just 10$ its really helped me and now i palnning for sold it and planning for pro2. can you have some specification about pro2? i read some articles like

<a href=">iPad Pro 2: Release Date, Features and Price</a> its very suprb product by apple ..

umang bhalala - Réponse

Thank you for putting up this tear down! I have a  iPad mini 4 and the local repair shop told me that the charge IC CHIP is not working and needs to be replaced how hard is it to do and do you have step by step guide to do so. THANKS


marco - Réponse

1st question for 2018. IPad mini 4 suffered water damage. Audio works, but not the display. Can someone direct me on next steps? Please!

Eliza Kay - Réponse

My iPad just stopped working today. When the lighting cable is plugged in I can feel little of heat around the logic board. Any idea if this is a fixable? Thanks.

tae.cho - Réponse

So there’s NFC Controller on board without any NFC antenna?

谣言似山 - Réponse

That’s a great question, actually. I’m guessing that the NFC controller chip is connected to super fine, coated semiconductor wire which continues through one of the pins on the battery’s contacts, then around and around in dozens of circles (or square shapes, technically) on the backside of the battery (like we see on other non-Apple devices such as the Nexus or many LG phones).

I should probably add that this is a mere guess on my part. If anyone has any additional information to support or refute these theories, I’m actually very interested to know how the electromagnetic field necessary for NFC to function properly is achieved in these Apple devices specifically. Thanks

Brandon Elliott -

Thanks for the teardown- the back of my iPad mini has some dents and scratches and I was wanting to get the back housing replaced so I could sell it for more money. Would replacing the back housing be possible on this model, or are elements secured to the housing so I could not replace it?

Lewis Harding - Réponse

My advice is to give up on that idea and just sell it as-is. Almost everything is glued into the housing—including the battery, which can’t be re-used once separated. So you’d need a new battery in addition to the new housing, plus a lot of intense labor. You’ll likely lose far more money than you stand to save.

Jeff Suovanen -

Does this thing have a GPS location antena? Waze can’t connect the GPS never ! Even with Wi-Fi !Whoever has the answer can please send me a email to you advance

משולם וויס - Réponse

Nope. No GPS on iPad Mini 4.

Brandon Elliott -

Can a WiFi only logic board be used in a previous lte frame?

Michael Gaffery - Réponse

I have a ipad mini 4, with the metal back is bent, can you take the inside out of bad back to a good back that is bad inside

Mark A Shadinger - Réponse

Who made the modem?

Michael Reynolds - Réponse

6307130351 iPhone pad ki Samachar I think WhatsApp number

mohanchaudhan38 - Réponse

WhatsApp number 6307130351

mohanchaudhan38 - Réponse

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