We've identified your zipper: ¶ 

You have a basic coil zipper.


  • One zipper slider.
  • Operates from one side.
  • There is a zipper box on the end opposite the pull.
Block Image

Basic Coil Zipper Front

Block Image

Basic Coil Zipper Back

What's wrong with my zipper? ¶ 

Diagnose issues with your zipper using our guide: Examen d’un zip à spirale

I need a replacement zipper. ¶ 

Before you can get a replacement zipper, you need to determine your zipper size and pull type. Check out our Coil Zipper Size page for instructions on determining your zipper size and pull type.

This is not my zipper. ¶ 

If this is not your zipper, try again by starting our identification process over, or contact Patagonia Customer Service.

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