BlackBerry 7130e Troubleshooting

Your phone will not power on or will not stay powered on.

The battery powers your phone. If the phone is not turning on or continually shuts off there may be an issue with the battery.

A few solutions are:

  • Charging the battery
  • Removing and then replacing the battery
  • Checking that the battery is connected properly
  • Cleaning the points where the battery and phone contact
  • Replacing the battery
  • Follow our Repair guide to replace LCD
  • Follow our repair guide to replace Keypad

Your phone powers on, but is silent.

  • Follow our repair guide to replace speakers
  1. Access the menu by pressing the button beneath the scroll wheel on the right.
  2. Navigate the menu using the scroll wheel on the right to select the profiles icon.
  3. Select the profiles icon by pushing into the scroll wheel.

You will now have several options:

  • You can switch to a profile that isn't quiet
  • You can select a profile. Then select edit. Then set type of ring.

Your phone powers on, but is unable to access the network.

The device cannot access the cell phone network for one of the following reasons:

  • Out of the network coverage area
  • Service has been stopped by the provider for any number of reasons
    • Late payment
  • The device's network settings are mis-configured
    • A local service center for your wireless company can quickly resolve this.

Your phone went for a swim.

Electronics exposed to water tend to function incorrectly and experience shorts. If your phone has been affected due to water it may be possible to resolve the problem by completely drying your device. To do this disassemble the phone as much as possible and leave it out to dry for an extended period of time (See repair guide for disassembly). Dabbing the device with paper towels will likely aid in the drying process. Reassemble after completely drying the device.

Completely drying the device may take up to an entire day. Some people have reported success with cans of compressed air, hair dryers, and even ovens in speeding drying process. It is not recommended that you use an oven as this can result in desoldering of components in the device or melting of plastic pieces. For the same reasons use extreme caution with a hair dryer as well.

Your phone is trying to perform a task and failing.

Remove the battery while it is still powered on. Leave the battery out for 60 seconds then replace the battery and power on the device.

Your phone is missing or has no software.

Download the device manager software from the BlackBerry website.

It is possible that the current Desktop Manager is not compatible with your device version. Older versions of Desktop Manager for Windows can be found here. If this fails for you or is not what you expected there may be more information on earlier versions on this page.

This will cause just about everything not to work.

The device may have accidentally been left unassociated with a contract when it was purchased. Take the device back to the store where it was purchased or to a local service center for your wireless company.

Try to locate a local service center for your wireless provider and to take your device to. Trying to repair the device without proper guidance will probably result in its complete destruction.

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