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Drill won't turn on

No matter what you do, you can't get your drill to turn on

On/Off button not working

Try turning the device on and then off a couple of times to see if that helps it work. If that does nothing, try holding the power switch for an extended period of time to ensure that the fault does not lie in the power switch.

No Batteries in Drill

Make sure that there are batteries in the device. You can usually tell this based on the weight of the device and where the weight is centered. If it feels like most of the weight is in the back then there are probably batteries already in it. However if there are no batteries in it you will need to buy batteries and take apart the drill to put them in. You can find how to do that in our guide for battery installation.

Drained/Bad Battery

Make sure that device has been charged. If you are not sure if it is charged or not, plug it into the charger and leave it in overnight. It usually takes about 6 hours to completely charge the device, so leaving it in over night should be more then enough to ensure that it is completely charged.

Broken Charger

If the device is left to charge for over 6 hours and still does not turn on, it is possible that the charger does not work. To check if the charger is working, use a continuity tester or an ohm meter. If there are no readings on the devices, then a new charger is needed and can be found on this site.

A driver or screwdriver bit is stuck in the chuck and won’t come out.

You are unable to remove the screwdriver bit from the chuck of the drill.

Don't know how to remove bit

In order to remove the bit, locate the collar around where you put the bit in. Grab the chuck collar (cyllindrical black part which holds the bit) with thumb and forefinger and push it towards the drill (towards the motor), and you should be able to remove the bit.

Bit is stuck

Push down the chuck collar and if you've tried this already, try harder - it can get really stuck and require a lot of force to push down. If you apply enough force, it will give and allow you to remove whatever bit is inside.

The screw feels like it jumps out of gear

When you are using the drill the screw feels like it jumps out of gear or the gears have been striped.

Settings are not set correctly

Make sure that the setting on the device is all the way up. The drill has a clutch that can cause the clicking noise you may hear when it thinks it is tight enough. If all else fails turn the settings to the drill settings.

Tool stalls

If while drilling the tool stalls causing the drill to twist.

Tool is not being used properly

The drill may stall if overloaded or improperly used, so make sure that you are following the instructions of how to use the device as detailed in the instruction manual.

Tool not held firmly

To ensure that the drill does not stall while you are using it, hold the tool firmly with both hands to control the twisting action.

Jammed Buttons

If one of the various buttons on the drill is jammed and can not be used.

Contaminants jamming button

If there is a button that is jammed on the device the most likely cause of this is some kind of foreign contaminant that makes it unable to be pushed down. Try repeatedly pressing the jammed button in an attempt to dislodge any small contaminants. If this does not work you can fix the jammed buttons by installing the pivot button as detailed in our pivot button installation guide.

Additional Problems

Instructions for help and basic guidelines for use.

Instructions Manual

If you have other questions or problems with your device you can find an online instruction manual here.

10 commentaires

A screwdriver bit is stuck in the chuck of high-torque hand drill and won’t come out. The chuck collar doesn't seem to move even using pliers to push.

Don't know how to remove bit

Bit is stuck

mevina - Réponse

I cannot get the bit out of the chuck. I tried to put just a small amount of WD 40 on it but it does not help. What now?

Tony Moser -

I have the same problem the bit will not come out and the chick will not even budge no matter how much pressure is applied. The screw driver is now useless

shardenbears -

I have the same problem, will the bit come out if the entire drill is dismantled?

emp - Réponse

My screwdriver won't drill holes or screw nails forward, only unscrew them? Thoughts?

Juarez Morgan - Réponse

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