Brother HL-5240 Laser Printer Troubleshooting

Bad Print Quality ¶ 

Print on the paper is faded or distorted.

Faded Prints ¶ 

The print on the paper becomes faded when there is not enough toner in the printer, which means the old toner cartridge will have to be replaced. See the guide for replacing toner cartridges.

Uneven Printing Quality ¶ 

After printing about 8000 pages, the drum unit in the printer begins to wear down, which will cause printing quality to decrease even if the toner is full. To fix a new drum unit see the guide to replacing the drum unit.

Dirty Prints ¶ 

The inside of the printer will naturally begin to get dirty which will cause documents to also become dirty and of low quality. The inside of the printer needs to be cleaned. See the guide to cleaning the inside components of the printer.

Jammed Paper ¶ 

There is paper stuck in the back of the printer.

Fix a Paper Jam ¶ 

Paper will occasionally get stuck in the drum unit which will prevent other documents from being printed. The only way to clear a paper jam is to take apart the printer and remove the paper by hand. To fix the paper jam see the guide to fixing paper jams.

Full Memory ¶ 

Printer will not print any more documents due to lack of memory.

Replace Memory ¶ 

If too many documents need to be saved on the printer, the memory will eventually not be able to hold all of the information. The memory inside the printer can be replaced with a larger memory storage to provide the space needed. To add more memory to the printer see the guide to adding more memory.

Dusty Prints ¶ 

Print has a fine black powder on it and the print is faded.

Clean the Corona Wire on Drum Unit ¶ 

If the printer is left open, dust can find its way inside causing the quality of the documents to decrease. The dust will dirty the corona wire, which is located on the drum unit of the printer. To fix the dusty prints, the corona wire needs to be cleaned. To clean the corona wire see the guide to cleaning the corona wire.

black dots running down the page in two consistent areas on the pages

Pamela Koglman - Réponse

i have a brother hl52 ser. no. u61443l5j218711 and I am experiencing black dots running down the pages in the same areas each print. how do i remove these dots

Pamela Koglman - Réponse

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