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Canon Powershot A70 Troubleshooting

Camera Won't Turn On

Main Battery Problems
  • Batteries are misaligned
    • Check to make sure the batteries are all facing the correct ways (positive to positive, negative to negative).
  • Batteries are dead.
    • Replace batteries with fresh ones (or recharge if you are using a rechargeable battery set).
  • Batteries are critically low.
    • If the battery power reaches very low levels, the camera will try to conserve power for it's vital operating systems. Try replacing the batteries.
Internal Battery is Dead
  • If the internal battery (not the AA’s) is dead, then the camera will not turn on even if the main batteries are replaced.
Internal Problem

Can't See Through Viewfinder

  • Try cleaning both sides of viewfinder.

LCD Screen is Black

  • This issue might be easily resolved by changing the display settings. If the camera is on, push the DISP. button to turn the LCD screen on.
  • Then again, not all problems are so easily fixed. If the problem persists, it is likely that the CCD image sensor is faulty.
    • In this case canon will fix the CCD image sensor, regardless of warranty and free of charge (including shipping and handling). To take them up on the offer follow this link to the official Canon Service Notice.
  • If the images on the screen are distorted by colored lines, the problem is also caused by a failing CCD sensor.

No Sound

  • This problem might have just been caused by accidentally muting the volume. Go to the display settings, and unmute it.
  • It is also possible that the internal speakers have been damaged.

Canon no longer will fix or repair this camera.

Service is No Longer available for This Product

Please be advised that repair service is no longer available for this product. However, in appreciation of your continued loyalty, we would like to fully understand your immediate needs and offer an alternative solution. If possible, Please call us toll-free at 1-866-481-2567 to discuss available options.

Thank you and we look forward to supporting your future Canon products.

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