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Canon i80 Bubble Jet Printer Troubleshooting

Printer will not turn on

After plugging in your printer, pressing the power button does nothing.

Check the power cord

The problem is most likely with the power cord. Examine the cord to check for any exposed wiring or other problems. Try to move the cord around and press the power button simultaneously to see if the cord has been frayed and will only work in a certain position. If you are able to power it on this way, try using duct tape to fasten the cord in the position it will work. If you can't get it to work like this, try the next step.

Try another socket

Unplug the cord from the socket you have it in and try another socket. Try another socket in the same unit and try another unit altogether. If it will not power on through any socket that means your cord is definitively broken.

Replacing the cord

Unfortunately, the Canon i80 is no longer distributed by Canon, and so you will not be able to order a replacement cord for it.

Printer will not Print

There are several different cases. There may be problems with the paper. If you are certain that the printing issue has nothing to do with the paper, scroll down to the ink solutions.

Fix a Paperfeeding Error

1. Ensure that the paper is of an appropriate thickness. Paper used in the Canon i80 should be no less than 64 gsm and no more than 105 gsm. The thickness of the paper should be labeled on the packaging it came in.

2. Ensure that the paper is not wrinkled or folded. If it is, replace it with smooth, flat paper and try printing again.

3. Clean the paper feed roller if Steps 1 and 2 don't solve the problem. Turn the printer off and remove paper from the paper loading tray.

4. Press and hold down the "Resume/Cancel" button. Release the button after the "Power" light flashes three times. The paper feed roller will begin to rotate and clean itself.

5. Load a stack of plain white paper into the printer and repeat Step 4. The loaded paper will feed through the printer and eject, which will complete the cleaning process of the paper feed roller.

Remedy a Paperjam

1. Pull the jammed paper out of the printer. Do this either through the paper output slot, the place where the printed document comes out, or the paper feed. Make sure to do this carefully to prevent damaging the printer.

2. Open the cover of the printer and remove any remaining pieces of paper that may be jammed in the device's printhead.

3. Close the printer cover, reload the paper tray if necessary and press the "Resume/Cancel" button to resume the print job.

When trying to print a page, some or none of the document is printed. The printer is using paper, however.

Check the ink levels

Replacing the ink catridges

Some sites still sell Bubblejet i80 ink and paper:

Clean the printhead

1. Power on your printer, press and hold the "RESUME" button until the printer light flashes once. (Note: You can also clean the printhead by clicking the Cleaning button in the Maintenance tab of the printer properties dialog box in Windows; or clicking Cleaning pull-down menu in the Printer Utilities dialog box on a Macintosh computer. Choosing this option will allow you to select all nozzles, black or just the colour nozzles.)

2. Pressing Resume on the printer will clean all nozzles. When the printhead cleaning begins, the POWER light starts flashing. This will continue for about 30 seconds. Wait for the light to stop flashing before you resume normal operation. Perform the Nozzle Check Pattern test again.

3. If the test results are not satisfactory, execute a printhead deep cleaning.

Clean/Replace the Ink Absorber

If a dialog box appears stating "ink absorber tank full," replace the ink absorber:

1. Ensure the printer is turned off and the printer is closed. Press "Resume/Cancel" and "Power." Continue to hold the "Power" button, but let go of "Resume/Cancel."

2. Press "Resume/Cancel" three more times. Let go of the "Power" button. Press "Resume/Cancel" four additional times. The light on the printer will change from red to green. If this does not fix the issue to reset the error, it may be necessary to replace your tank.

3. Unplug the printer. Remove the back of the printer using a screwdriver. There is a simple clip and a screw at the bottom that hold it in place. Remove the three pieces of tape that are securing the tank and surrounding cables. This tape is usually yellow. Move the cable to the side.

4. Pull the tank out of the printer, and insert the new one, being careful to line up the straw-like nozzle with the open port. Secure the cables with electrical or office tape. Replace the back of the printer.

i use that but my problem not resolved..

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