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Crosley CR704 Troubleshooting

My Crosley Will Not Turn On

The device will not turn on when the power button is pushed; the red light indicator does not activate.

Not Plugged In

Make sure the device is plugged into an active outlet.

Power Button Not Activated

Check to see that the power button is pushed in and stays in position and the red light near the button is on.

My Crosley Will Not Produce Sound

The device will turn on, but when trying to play music via the CD, turntable, cassette, auxiliary cable, and/or radio, the device does not emit sound.

Volume Turned Low

Check the volume level by turning the volume knob clockwise.

Line-In Switch Positioned To "Out"

If not using the auxiliary input, make sure the line-in switch, located on the back of the system near the auxiliary cable, is in the off position.

My Turntable Will Not Spin

The device will turn on, but the turntable will not activate/spin after moving the turntable arm to the right.

Make sure the function switch located on the front left of the device is set to phono. Then try moving the turntable arm to the right until you hear a click. Make sure the protective needle cover is removed.

My CD Does Not Play

After inserting a CD correctly, the CD will spin, but does not produce sound.

Make sure function switch on the front left of the device is set to CD. Ensure the surface of the CD is clean and has been inserted correctly with the label side facing up.

My Radio Does Not Play

After turning the device on, the radio will not tune or produce sound.

Function Switch In Wrong Mode

Make sure the function switch located on the front left of the device is on radio mode and select either AM or FM frequency via a small button located on the front of the device. When this button is pushed in, it is in FM mode, when it is pushed out it is in AM mode.

Antenna Is Obstructed/Detached

Ensure that the FM antenna, a thin wire located on the back of the device, is not blocked or detached. Move the wire until you hear clear reception. For AM reception, the unit is provided with a directional built-in ferrite antenna. Rotate the set to find the position in which the best reception is obtained. Do not connect the FM WIRE ANTENNA to any outside antenna.

My crosley is off the red light not turn on "(

Miad - Réponse

My Crosley is working except for the CD player which opens but does not close when you push the button, you have to put the power of and on. The main problem is the display screen, it just turns green, so no words to see what function was selected, e.g. cd or tuner......

Alta la Grange - Réponse

So I was messing around with one my grandmother gave to me. She has it in perfect conditions almost never used. I figured out how to start it and then moved more to the right to see if that stopped it. It seems like that broke it as now it wont stop spinning and wont click at all. I got it to stop by wiggling it a little and now it wont start anymore. Any solution?

Marq - Réponse

My Crosley radio, cd, cassette, etc. works well. However, when I put a record in the sound is incredible low and max volume setting. The needle is new, the volume works really well on every setting except phono for vynil. Any suggestions?

Charlene Romani - Réponse

Me as well. Were you able to get it to work?

Howard Lubinger -

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