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Un étudiant hors pair de notre programme d'éducation a rédigé ce wiki. Il n'est pas géré par le personnel d'iFixit.

Dell Studio 1537 Troubleshooting

Released August 2008, Model No: PP33L

Screen Won’t Turn On

Touching the trackpad or hitting keys doesn't turn on screen.

Computer is not on/sleeping

Turn the computer on by pressing power button.

Computer is not charged

Plug your computer into an outlet using the power adapter provided with the laptop or replace battery.

Display is broken

Replace screen by following the instructions Dell provides here.

Keyboard Key Not Responding

When pressing a key, it takes longer than usual to pop back up, it doesn't compress fully, or hitting a key has no effect on screen.

Debris under key

Gently remove key by sliding fingernail under key and clean under then press key back into spot.

Overuse of keyboard key

Gently remove key by sliding fingernail under key and replace with new key.

Battery Not Charging

Battery charging icon not on

Computer is not properly plugged in

Plug the computer into an active outlet using the power adapter.

Battery is not functioning properly

Go to the replace battery guide for more information.

Computer Won’t Turn On

Battery is dead

Charge the battery before trying to turn the computer on again.

The hard drive has malfunctioned

Laptop may go to BIOS which is a black screen with white text, however, there will be a distinct lack of a ‘spinning’ sound.

Replace the hard drive.

Hard Drive Spinning is Too Loud

Spindle noise is loud

Replace the hard drive with an SSD (Solid State Drive).

Head is crashing into disk

Replace the hard drive with compatible HDD.

Running Low on Disk Space

Too many unneeded files are on the computer

Try deleting unnecessary files, and moving others to external backup drives.

Hard Drive needs to be larger

Replace the hard drive with a larger hard drive.

Disk drive won’t eject

The driver is refusing to perform the requested action

Turn the computer off and on, and then try ejecting disk again.

The disk drive is broken

Replace the disk drive by following the directions on Dell's website.

Webcam not working

Correct driver is not installed

Go to the Dell website and install driver compatible with current operating system.

Webcam is physically broken

Replace the screen by following the instructions Dell provides here.

Computer is Running Slowly

RAM needs to be upgraded

The RAM is the component of memory that allows the computer to handle many tasks at once. If your computer is running slowly, replacing your RAM may speed it up.

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