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Motorola Droid X2 Troubleshooting

Released June 2011, identified by model number MB870

Phone will not turn on

No matter what you do, the phone will not power on

Disconnected battery

Before trying any other steps, we recommend checking the battery connection. Remove the battery from the phone and clean the battery ports on both the battery and inside the inside of the device with a clean cloth.

Faulty Battery

It could be that your battery has gone bad and needs to be replaced. Follow this Guide to replace your battery.

Device needs a factory (hard) reset

If none of the other steps have worked, a factory reset may be required to get your phone working again. There are several steps to this process, but before starting you should save all data on your phone. This reset will remove all data and restore the phone to the factory condition.

Once all data is saved elsewhere, hold the Home button and then press the Power button. This should put the device into Android Recovery Mode.

From this screen, press the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously.

Press Volume Down to select Wipe Data/Factory Reset then press the Power button.

Press Volume Down to select Yes - Delete all user data then press the Power button. This process should take about one minute

Once reset, use the Volume Down button to select reboot system now and press the Power button.

At this point, you will need to setup your phone like you did when you first took it out of the packaging. You can now transfer your backed-up data back onto the phone.

Phone has water damage

Your phone has gotten wet and you want to prevent permanent damage

Preventing water damage

When you think your phone might have water damage, you should immediately power it off and remove the battery. No matter the reason, you should not turn your phone back on until it is completely dry. Powering on your phone while there is water inside risks short-circuiting your phone, and nobody wants that.

Other than these steps, there is not much you can do to prevent water damage on any device. Leave your device is a dry place with the battery removed. Drying it with an absorbent towel, settling it in a bag of rice, leaving the phone out to dry, or using a vacuum can help.

What NOT to do

There are some things that you should never do when trying to remove water from your phone. You should never use compressed air when trying to remove the water, this actually pushes the water further into the device. Also, we recommend avoiding hair-dryers; while they help dry hair and other things, they can heat up the components of your device and damage them, or push the water further in like the compressed air. Other than that, as long as you are sure you do not power your device on until it is completely dry, you do not risk further damaging your phone.

Digital keyboard disappears while using it

When you're using the keyboard and it disappears or doesn't enter text.

Excessive app data

Continuous use of an application can take up usable memory. To fix this, you need to clear the application data. Go the Settings menu. Click on Applications and Manage Applications. Click on the Running Apps tab. Find Multi-touch keyboard. Hit the Clear data button.

Next Word Prediction error

It could be possible that the Next Word Prediction option causes the keyboard to act weird. First turn on the phone in Safe Mode. If your phone is on, power it off. Once it has been powered down, turn it back on. When it begins to boot up, hold down the Menu button. You need to hold down the Menu button for the whole duration of the start up. If done correctly, it will say Safe Mode on the lock screen. From there go to the Settings menu. Then go to Language and Keyboard, then Multi-touch Keyboard. Scroll to the bottom and uncheck the Next Word Prediction box.

Faulty stock keyboard

If just do not want to deal with the default keyboard, you can download another one. Go to the Google Play Store. Do a general search for keyboard applications. Download the one you like, and use that one instead.

Your screen is broken

Screen is cracked or does not function

The screen is cracked/damaged

Follow the steps in this Guide to remove the screen from the device, then replace the broken screen with a matching screen model. Or you can send your device to one of the many offered by many companies seen online.

Device turns on, but freezes

Your phone becomes unresponsive without warning, will not accept input.

An app that is using up system resources

It is possible that you have an app (or more than one) downloaded that is using up all of your system resources, causing your phone to freeze up. You should download SystemPanel and use it to identify if any of your apps are using up a lot of resources. If you find that an app is doing this, you can remove it and your problem should stop.

Device needs a factory reset

If you can't find an app that is taking up system resources, we recommend trying a factory reset. This will wipe your phone to factory condition. Before performing a factory reset on your phone, we highly recommend you save all data on your phone to a backup storage so you do not lose all your data. Once this is complete, you are ready to factory reset your phone.

To perform a factory reset, go to the App Menu (located in the bottom right of the home screen.) Choose Settings, then Privacy. Choose Factory Data Reset, then Reset Phone and Erase Everything.

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