Camera won't turn on ¶ 

When the power button is pressed, the camera will not turn on

Battery is dead ¶ 

A camera that has not been turned on recently could just have a dead battery. Load a new or fully charged battery into camera.

Battery is loaded backwards ¶ 

Ensure that battery is loaded in the correct way. See User's Manual

AC Power Adapter not plugged in properly ¶ 

Ensure that power plug is in the wall and in the camera correctly. Be sure that power is running and charging the battery.

Hardware problems ¶ 

If the camera will truly not turn on, there is probably an issue with the logic board in the camera, which will be a costly and difficult self-repair. It may be best to contact Fujifilm for repair here.

Battery runs out quickly ¶ 

Battery does not hold a charge for very long

Camera used in cold conditions ¶ 

A battery that is too cold will not function properly. Place the battery in a pocket to warm it up.

Terminals are soiled ¶ 

Dirty battery terminals will prevent a proper connection. Wipe off battery with a clean, dry cloth.

Battery life exceeded ¶ 

Purchase a new battery.

No photograph is taken when pressing the shutter button ¶ 

Photos are not taken

No xD-Picture Card is inserted ¶ 

Insert an approved xD-Picture Card. Not all picture cards are compatible with this device. See User's Manual

The xD-Picture Card is full ¶ 

Insert a new xD-Picture Card or erase unwanted pictures. Note that it is better to "format" the xD card rather than using the "erase all" feature.

The xD-Picture Card is not formatted ¶ 

Format xD-Picture Card using user-interface. See User's Manual

Can’t use the flash option ¶ 

Picture not taken with flash when shutter button pressed

Photography mode set to Natural Light (N), or Landscape. ¶ 

Change Photography mode to other option. Natural Light or Landscape mode will turn flash off.

Continuous shooting has been selected ¶ 

Set continuous shooting to “OFF”

Flash battery is depleted ¶ 

Replace the flash battery

Flash bulb is broken ¶ 

Replace the flash bulb. Repair could be costly and difficult. Contact Fujifilm for repair here.

Blurred image ¶ 

Photo taken appears to be blurred or pixilated

The lens is dirty ¶ 

Anything that is on the lens will result in bad quality photos. Clean the lens with a clean cloth.

Photographed scenery with Macro mode ¶ 

Cancel Macro mode and set to Normal mode. See User's Manual

Close-up shot was taken without selecting Macro mode ¶ 

Select Macro mode and retake picture in order to enhance quality. See User's Manual

Subject photographed is not suitable for Auto-focusing ¶ 

Select AF/AE mode from the menu options and retake picture. See User's Manual

"Focus Error" displayed/ Lens will not retract ¶ 

The lens is partially or fully extended and will not retract. The screen is either displaying "Focus Error" or "Zoom Error"

Guide pins misaligned ¶ 

The gears that move the lens could be slightly jammed. Attempt to gently push or rotate the lens back into place.

Debris caught near outside of lens gears ¶ 

Blow or gently wipe around the edges of the lens and turn the camera off and on.

Debris caught in or around inside of lens gears ¶ 

Take off casing and clean the area around the lens.

Lens is damaged ¶ 

Install a new lens.

“Card Not Initialized” displayed on screen ¶ 

Error reading “Card Not Initialized” is displayed. No pictures can be viewed or taken on the camera.

Reformat xD card using camera ¶ 

Pull up the main menu, select “reformat”, and select “ok.” Note that all pictures will be ERASED. See User's Manual

xD card is permanently damaged ¶ 

Purchase a new xD card.

Damaged LCD ¶ 

The LCD screen is either damaged or not turning on at all

Camera not charged ¶ 

If the battery is low enough, the screen will not turn on at all. Charge the camera's battery and turn the camera on.

LCD is damaged ¶ 

Install a new LCD.


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