HP Mini 311 Troubleshooting

HP Mini 311 won't turn on ¶ 

The computer will not turn on no matter what you do.

Plug in power source ¶ 

Make sure the battery is charged before ripping open the device. If you are able to turn on the device but immediately turns off then you should consider charging the battery.

Drained/bad battery ¶ 

If you try to charge the battery and the device does not turn on then your battery may be dead. To swap out the dead battery for a new one check out our Installing HP Mini 311 Battery Guide.

Image Distortion when running videos ¶ 

The screen is fuzzy or blurry.

Change the screen's resolution ¶ 

Make sure the screens resolution is at its highest display. To change your screen's resolution go to your computer's property settings by right clicking your mouse and clicking properties.

Install the latest chip set and graphic drivers ¶ 

The chip set may be downloaded from the manufacturer's website at NIVDIA Chipset Driver and NIVDIA VGA Driver.

Numbers and Symbols appear different on screen than how they are typed ¶ 

When I type 'jump' the screen displays 140*

Press Num Lock Key to switch the keyboard back to its default mode

Change the keyboard language ¶ 

Set the keyboard language on the operating systems, the operating system controls the language even if it does not match the physical keyboard. To change the keyboard layout for different languages for Windows 7, Vista, or XP visit Microsoft Office keyboard layout.

The keyboard does not respond while the rest of the computer does ¶ 

My mouse, touchpad and speakers work but my keyboard doesn't.

Swap out the keyboard ¶ 

To swap out your keyboard check out our Installing HP Mini 311 keyboard Guide.

Touchpad won't respond ¶ 

The touchpad won't work at all, so I've resorted to using an external mouse

Download the touchpad driver ¶ 

Visit Sydrive to download the touchpad driver set.

Dropped internet connections ¶ 

The internet works but very often the wireless can't connect or find signal

Ensure the wireless WLAN device is enabled ¶ 

If the wireless indicator does not have a blue light then the wireless adapter is not active. Reboot the device by pressing the "Wireless" button to turn it off and restart it. If this doesn't work then restart your computer.

Re-install the wireless connection drivers ¶ 

Visit Microsoft Office Network Drivers to select and download the wireless drivers your device needs.

The laptop is making strange clicking noises and can't open files ¶ 

I get hard disk error messages when I try to open my programs.

Replace the hard drive ¶ 

Check out our Installing HP Mini 311 hard drive Guide to replace your device's hard drive.

Update drivers ¶ 

Before replacing the webcam, make sure the drivers are up to date. Visit Microsoft Office drivers to download the latest drivers.

Laptop turns on hp logo comes up but blinks and screen goes blank and starts all over again screen on and screen off over and over

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